My Funny Buddy

Welcome to My Funny Buddy!

My Funny Buddy, born in 2012, is a growing collection of sewing patterns designed by Lucy Ferguson:

I’ve always loved stuffed animals and creating from scratch. The process can sometimes feel like an infinite loop of sketching, designing, sewing, testing out on my toddler and husband, then back to the drawing board if the toy or pillow only gets a lukewarm (or worse) reception. But once a project is complete, I’m proud to show off my creations. And I hope they bring enjoyment to young and old alike.

Patterns are designed to be not only cute but quick and easy to make. Who has tons of time to make anything these days? Many people who use my patterns are wonderful, selfless people who make toys to give away at hospitals and other charitable places. The quicker they can make a toy, the more they end up making and giving away. Other people make toys for their own children or grandchildren. It’s so special to be able to give something that you made yourself. My daughter is not even three but she really seems to appreciate the fact that Mommy made something just for her.

I hope to be adding more informational posts to this website soon with sewing tips, tutorials on sewing as well as pattern making. Pattern making proved to be much more complicated and time consuming than I could have imagined. I’d love to pass on some of my lessons learned. For now I will say, Cheers & Happy Sewing!

Patterns are available for purchase as PDF documents through the My Funny Buddy Etsy Store:

Information on FREE My Funny Buddy patterns can be found here:

Click here for info on Free Patterns!


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